Pacific Rim National Park

South Trail Hike

I took these shots during our hike on the South Trail which is located within the gates of the Pacific Rim National Park. Although the photos aren’t quite like being here, I hope you enjoy them!

Incinerator Rock

Another great spot to stop along Hwy 4 towards the town of Tofino. Lots of surfers gather here to hit the Big Surf of the West Coast. As you can see the scenery is just incredible!

Schooner Cove Trail

A “Stairmaster” workout along the Boardwalk!

 Rain Forest Trail

We humans tend to have a short-term view of the forest. It takes 1500 years for a large cedar to go from seedling to snag to soil!

A Day of Hiking

Today’s hikes took us to Wickaninnish and Florencia Bays south of Green Point Campground. We packed a lunch and loaded Rylee and the camera equipment into our jeep for a few hours of exploring. First stop was the Shoreline Bog Trail just 800 m long, loops through what looks like a miniature garden of old growth trees with growth stunted from the water and wind. Don’t step off the wooden walk way as Rylee accidentally did and find herself with very wet feet cause this area is truly a bog. Next stop was the Kwisitis Visitor Centre with its amazing views of Wickaninnish Beach. From here we hiked on the South Beach Trail (800m one way) to the beautiful South Beach. This pebbled and shell covered beach has spectacular views of the ocean crashing against the rocky shore. We took the Trail back to where we started and headed on the Nuu-chat-nulth Trail. A boardwalk trail through thick growth is approximately 4 km long. Back at the parking lot we took a quick drive up the road to Beach B on Wickaninnish Beach to take our picnic lunch out to the beach to enjoy the views.


Radar Hill

Provided a great view from this vantage point!

DSC_7783A radar station was located on this hill during the Cold War. The station was constructed in 1954 and was part of the “Pinetree Line”, the Southern most early warning line against Soviet long-range bombers.


Halfmoon Bay

Sadly, this will be our final night staying at the Pacific Rim National Park. The last hike we have on this section of coast line will be Halfmoon Bay. This trail winds through old growth cedar and hemlock forest before giving way to the Spruce fringe and sandy beach. During the 2km hike in and probably 200+ stairs that descend to the beachfront, we only ran into one lone hiker! Not a busy time of year that’s for sure. Our 10 nights spent on the West Coast was the perfect amount of time to take in all the great sights between Tofino and Ucluelet. The next leg of our trip will take us back out that very narrow and winding road back to Rathtrevor Provincial Park.



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