North to Port Hardy

Today we travelled north towards Port Hardy and to our new home at Cluxewe Resort. The landscape changed from the moss and ferns of the wet coast to birch trees and blue lupins of the north coast. Not a lot of traffic on the road as it is Sunday today which makes for a less hurried drive as we turned off the highway into Cluxewe Resort. The resort is fairly large with sites for tenting to full hookups. Our site #112 has a wide and expansive view of Broughton Strait which is beautiful, however the wind is definitely cooler than the sites not located on the waterfront. We took a quick trip in the Jeep to Port Hardy for a look around. The town in quite small with 4000 residents so it didn’t take long to make a tour of the waterfront. We did take the advice of the reception clerk at Cluxewe to check out Cafe Guido. The soup and sandwich we had was incredibly tasty as was the Mocha with a splash of whip cream! Back at Cluxewe we treated ourselves to dinner at their ocean side Bistro run by a young couple from the Lower Mainland. Every seat has a water view and while they don’t have a liquor license the food was very tasty. I had the fresh clams and spaghetti while Dave had the fresh Halibut and Chips. We worked off some of our meal with Rylee at the beach for a walk and to take in the beautiful sunset that was amazing.


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