Telegraph Cove & Cormorant Island

We decided to take the ferry from Port McNeill to the little village of Alert Bay. We loaded Rylee into the Jeep for the 30 minute ferry trip to Alert Bay which is on Cormorant Island to spend a couple of hours. The village is very small so we drove the Jeep up some roads to check out the views. We managed to get ourselves on a road less travelled which looked like a long abandoned campground. Putting it into 4 wheel drive, we maneuvered our way around and headed back to the oceanside Fir Road. We chatted with a local shop owner and his lab for a bit and he helped us out by giving us a local map of the island and some water for Rylee. We headed down the island to end of the road for some views of the strait and a little beachcombing. If you enjoy looking for sea glass this is a good place to go! The beach had loads of glass for the picking. Nothing too exotic, the usual clear, green and brown with a bit of pottery but still fun to collect. Before boarding the ferry for our trip back to Port McNeill we left the Jeep in the lineup staging area and walked over to the marina to admire all of the boats at the government wharf.

After we landed in Port McNeill  we headed to Telegraph Cove which is about a 30 minute drive south. Telegraph Cove was once a bustling mill town but is now a tourism destination. They offer all types of outdoor pursuits including kayaking, bear watching, and fishing. In fact, we watched a boat return from a fishing trip where they had caught 2 good sized Halibut! The boardwalk is dotted with old homes beautifully restored and a handful of cafes and restaurants. Nothing really dog friendly so we headed back to Cluxewe for our last evening before heading to the Mid Island in the morning. Next stop Miracle Beach Provincial Park.



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